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Recognize This 14 Types of West Sumatera Musical Instruments

West Sumatra is an area inhabited by several tribes, such as the Minangkabau, Mentawai, and Mandailing. Apart from being known to have attractive tourist objects from beaches, seas, lakes, and mountains, this region is also popular for its cultural diversity.

One of these cultures is a West Sumatra musical instrument. In the following, we review the typical West Sumatra musical instrument. So, make sure you read it, because we have also completed it by playing it.

Types and Images of West Sumatra Musical Instruments

1. Serunai / Sarunai

Serunai is a wind instrument from Minang, which is generally used when there are crowded events, such as weddings, ruler events, and so on. However, someone sometimes blows this tool while harvesting rice. This tool is made of capo neigh wood or bamboo gutters.

2. Bansi

Bansi is a kind of aerophone musical instrument made of bamboo, complete with 7 tone holes. In addition, materials such as gutters or thin bamboo, as well as sariak or small, thin bamboo, can also be used to make this Bansi. Generally, this tool is made with a length of 33.5-36 cm and a diameter of 2.5-3 cm.

3. Gandang Tabuik

Gandang Tabuik from MInang, is a type of drum that has two sides for beating. Usually, the membranes on these sides are made of goat skin. The Tabuik drum instrument is widely used in sacred traditional ceremonies. With a diameter of 46 cm and a height of 54 cm, the resulting sound feels louder.

4. Pupuik Batang Padi

This West Sumatra musical instrument is made using rice stalks. At the end of the segment, a tongue is made. If this part is blown it will produce a sound. In order to look like a trumpet, the end of the end is wrapped with coconut leaves. The sound became shrill. In order for an interesting rhythm to emerge, use finger games in the coils of the coconut leaves.

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5. Pupuik Tanduak

Pupuik Tanduak is a musical instrument made of horns, rice stalks or small bamboo. This instrument, is a simple musical instrument, which is played by blowing and producing a single rhythm. This tool is widely used as a signal for local residents, for example as a code that has entered the time of maghrib or dawn. Not only that, this tool is also used as a signal for announcements from local leaders.

6. Rabab Minang

The rabab is a type of violin musical instrument, which was originally brought by Acehnese traders to Minangkabau. In addition to entertainment, the Acehnese merchants used to use Rabab as a da’wah suggestion. This equipment is played by swiping, and is made from coconut shell material.

7. Saluang

Saluang is a kind of wind instrument, which is made of thin bamboo or gutters. Usually, performances of this musical instrument are often played in traditional wedding events, house construction, batagak pangalu, and so on. This instrument is similar to a flute, except that it is simpler with 4 holes.

8. Saluang Pauh (Salung Pauh)

Saluang Pauh is a musical instrument that is widely used to accompany stories. This tool has 6 holes, which if closed 4 or 6 holes, can make a different sound.

9. Talempong (Bonang Minang)

Talempong is a musical instrument from Minang, which is similar to the Bonang musical instrument from Java. This equipment is made of brass, which is often used to accompany dance performances. For example, Pas added dance, plate dance, and wave dance. Generally, Talempong games are combined with gandang, serunai, and saluang instruments.

10. Talempong Batu Talang Anau

Talempong Batu Talang Anau musical instruments can be found in the Payakumbuh region. Unlike the other Talempong instruments in general, this equipment is made of 6 large stones. Uniquely, even though the material is different, Talempong Batu Talang Anau can produce exactly the same sound as the usual existing talempong.

11. Tambua

Tambua is one of the famous percussion instruments in West Sumatra. Although simple, this tool is able to bring excitement to a stage. In a Tambua set, there are several large Tambur musical instruments, which are made of wood and goat skin. Generally, there are 6 of these Tambur and have the same size.

12. Aguang

Aguang is a typical Minang musical instrument, which is quite similar to the gong from Java. Just like Gong in general, Aguang also has a round shape and is played by being hit using a special bat. Usually, Aguang is used for musical performances. To play it, it takes 2 players, to hit Aguang on the right and left.

13. Tansa

Tansa is a musical instrument made of aluminum, with a surface covered with animal skin. The shape of this musical instrument, quite similar to a cauldron, is 14 inches in diameter. Previously, the skin used to cover this Tansa was deer skin. Along with the times, the skin has now been replaced with a drum head or plastic mica.

14. Sampelong

Samplesong is the original music alt from Nagari Talang Maur, Mungka, Kabupaten Limapuluh Kota. Generally, the tones used in the Sampong game are Buddhist chants. This musical instrument is made from bamboo that is ripe or that has dry moisture content.


Well, it ends our review of West Sumatra musical instruments. We hope that your insight increasing by reading this article. Whether about the type, the material for which it is made, how to play it, and the pictures.

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