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Walking in Humility- 7 Ways to Be the Elite of God’s Servants

Can you picture your name being mentioned alongside the name of Allah Almighty?
It’s time to meet the servants of the All-Merciful and learn exactly how you can strive to be of the elite humans increased in status in this world and the following, insha’Allah– by being simple!

The Benefits of Being a Slave of Allah
The features of ibadur-rahman, the servants of the All-Merciful, are mentioned by Allah Himself in the last knowledgeables of chapter Al-Furqan.

We often provide a negative connotation to words servant, nevertheless it just takes the appropriate understanding to recognize that being a slave can be the most ethical placement.

Recognize that we are all slaves; it is our choice if we become slaves to our nafs ( by following our desires) or slaves to Ar-Rahman.

How many times do we are afraid losing our provisions, fatality, embarrassment, reputation, as well as respect? If you truly come to be a servant of Ar-Rahman you will be without these worries and also you will certainly realize that everything in this world is short-term as well as in the hands of Allah alone. The only thing you will fear is Allah being displeased with you!

7 Ways to Live by This Knowledgeable

1. Know That Allah Loves Humility

Some individuals see humbleness as a weakness. First understand that Allah Himself enjoys to see you simple as well as He will certainly award you for it. The Prophet Muhammad claimed:

Whoever humbles himself before Allah, Allah will certainly elevate his level. (Muslim).

2. Keep Reminding Yourself to Be Modest.

Do you consider yourself humble? We reside in a time of flaunting and competitors in product points, and also we have become proud of our loan, understanding, as well as even the variety of children we have.

Another usual instance is moms and dads flaunting about their youngsters: “My boy is at this degree …”.

The trouble lies right here: we should not be proud of our success or valuables, instead we must be thankful for them! Attempt to actually advise on your own throughout the day to be modest as well as not to flaunt regarding anything. Do not complete in the quantity of clothes or bags you have; complete in good deeds!

3. Take after the Prophets.

How many individuals begin feeling pleased and also over others when they get to a high placement in their career, and even when they start obtaining Islamic understanding?

Consider the Prophets; they understood that prophethood was not something to boast around– they saw it as an honor, and they were modest prior to Allah. The Prophet Muhammad was the most simple of males.

What are instances we can copy? Offer on your own routinely (despite the fact that there are those going to offer you), as well as share your auto with somebody when you drive someplace (the prophet would certainly ride on a donkey as well as would have a person trip behind him on it). Sit with people as well as accept the invitation of individuals who are much less “rich” or “stylish” than you consider on your own to be. Some people do not intend to be seen with “bad” or “lower class” people since they are terrified it will hurt their track record.

5. Know That Pride Can Eliminate.

The hereafter is just for those that are simple, as well as this should be a substantial eye-opener. Korah was proud of his wide range and also Allah had the earth swallow him up, Pharaoh was proud of his power as well as Allah drowned Him. The Prophet showed us that people with even a little bit of pride will not get in Heaven. So let’s begin begging Allah now to protect us from satisfaction, to forgive us for it, and also to boost our humility!

A person ate in the visibility of the Prophet with his left hand, whereupon he claimed:.

Eat with your right-hand man.

He claimed:.

” I can not do that.”.

The Prophet stated:.

May you not be able to do that. It was vanity that avoided him from doing it, and also he might not elevate it (the right hand) approximately his mouth. (i.e. his hand came to be paralyzed). (Muslim).

6. Know Allah’s Perfection.

One sensible way to increase your humbleness is to research concerning Allah and also just how we are fully dependent on Him. An additional means is to find to know ourselves, where we originate from, as well as all our weak points as well as short upcomings.

A method to be much more humble is to constantly seek Allah’s mercy. Rise in stating astaghfirullah– I seek Your mercy and also actually feel that you are sorry ruang tanya.

7. Battle Arrogance.

The reverse of being a servant to Ar-Rahman is pompousness, or kibr. Allah claims:.

… Without a doubt, He does not such as the arrogant. (Quran 16:23).

You can be conceited towards other individuals by turning nose up at them, however additionally in exactly how you handle Allah’s commands. For example when you believe, I’m as well active to review Quran. Ask Allah seriously to protect you from kibr in all its forms and rise in stating Allahu akbar, truly recognizing He is above anything or any individual.

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