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Steps to Make Your Own Creation Song

Owning a song by yourself is a matter of pride for musicians, especially musicians who want to give a musical work in the form of touching songs, easy listening, and are loved by the people who eventually get the results of their works.

But it does not rule out the possibility of us new musicians to imitate and also give the results of our songs to the public.

Preparation for Making Songs

  1. Specify Song Type

After getting an inspiration that you have to do next, you have to determine what type of song you will make, whether the type of song is romantic, love, sadness, happiness, adventure, life story, etc.

The type of song will be determined when the song’s inspiration has been obtained.

Determining the type of song is also very important because it will also influence the nuances of the musicality of the song and the song lyrics that you will make.

  1. Specify Song Genre

Next, what you have to do is specify what genre or genre of music you will put into your song.

Genre will be easily determined if you have determined the type of your song.

It is also better for the music genre to blend or synchronize with the type of song you have set, such as the type of romantic song with the flow of pop music that will be very synchronized.

Song Making Process

  1. Make Song Lyrics

Making song lyrics is the next step you have to do.

Lyrics of songs that are grooved and have deep depths of words are song lyrics that are quality.

The inspiration that you have will lead you to make words in the lyrics of the song you will make.

  1. Determine Song Structure

The next step is to make the song structure.

The structure of the song will co-exist with making song lyrics because while you make the song lyrics automatically you will also determine the structure of the song.

For those who still don’t know about the structure of the song can see in the Know the Parts – Songs, there will be explained partially – part of the structure of the song.

Creativity can also be used to determine the structure of unique and interesting songs. For beginners, structure a simple song first.

  1. Determine the Tone / Basic Key

Determining the basic key is the next step, the basic key and the basic tone is as a benchmark range (region) of the tones that can be reached.

The basic key is determined by how high the vocal tone can be achieved by the singer who sings your song.

  1. Making Song Tones (Beginning – End)

The next step is to determine the tone or song of each structure of the song you have made by developing the basic key that you have set, and make a note of the important parts.

The important parts are intro and middle.

Last stage


The final step in making a song is by trying to sing it from beginning to end so that the combination of song structure, song musicality, song lyrics you make can be corrected and felt.

Try singing your song with enthusiasm and feel every lyric and tone of music that you have made yourself.

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