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Incorrect Claims of Health Through Reverse Osmosis

Let’s begin by getting something directly, claims of health through reverse osmosis are simply untrue. Home reverse osmosis manufacturers claim that their systems are capable of getting rid of 99% of the poisonous impurities from your water. The truth is that they just obstruct things with a molecular structure bigger than a H2O molecule.

Chemicals such as chlorine, which is lighter and molecularly smaller, will travel through the membranes of house reverse osmosis systems, in addition to other chemical contaminants that might negatively affect your health.

Claim About Reverse Osmosis

You can find claims throughout the internet preaching about much better health through reverse osmosis. These claims are mainly made by the companies selling home reverse osmosis systems. There are people who also discuss the health advantages. However those who do are guilty of one of 2 things.

They are either misdirected or uneducated about the restrictions of the systems. Sometimes, they are minions or affiliates of the producers, veiling the fact that they are promoting the items by impersonating truthful consumers.

The only benefits to health through reverse osmosis can be found in the area of kidney dialysis treatment. In this location, the qualities of the system can certainly be validated. But, that is a concentrated procedure in sterilized conditions.

The systems are truly simply the first step in the filtration process. Your water has actually already gone through this and many other steps prior to it ever leaves the treatment facility. Running it through the very same step again would provide little or no advantage in your purification mission.

The treatment facilities have actually already done their limited part to safeguard your health through reverse osmosis purification. Much more requires to be done on your end, however home reverse osmosis systems will refrain from doing the job.

You must have an activated carbon filter to obstruct the chemical content of the water, consisting of chlorine, which must be added after RO treatment in order to decontaminate the water. Without it, there would be bacterial contamination, however drinking and even showering in chlorinated water is bad for your health.

You may think that you could achieve better health through reverse osmosis if you water currently comes from a treatment facility and is already disinfected. You can buy into the claims and buy a system, if you desire, however you still need activated carbon purification prior to you drink or shower.

Better Ion Exchange System

Rather of a house reverse osmosis unit, which gets rid of all of the healthy minerals that are naturally present, you ought to think about an ion exchange system. If you have a high mineral content, ion exchange can balance it. Consuming de-mineralized, instead of naturally well balanced water, is not good for your health. It has it’s applications in industrial settings, however RO is not the best choice for many property owners.

Unless you get your water from a river, stream or some other cloudy, muddy, filthy source, you do not require a home reverse osmosis system. You do require triggered carbon, micron filtering and ion exchange. Make the right option. There is not any much better health through reverse osmosis.

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