4 Interesting Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas (Easy Implementation Choices)

Wall decor is the key to bring kitchen atmosphere. You do not need to redesign the entire area because kitchen wall decor ideas are more than enough. Furthermore, changing wall ornament and decor is not difficult. It involves adding new pattern, repainting, and giving space for interesting art.

The decoration depends on what kitchen style you have. In certain situation, decor is limited to specific theme due to kitchen design itself. However, you can improvise without strict limitation regarding this matter.

Classic Style And Ornament

Classic Style And Ornament
Image Source: blesserhouse.com

Classic style is common for kitchen, whether the room is old or new. Keep in mind that classic is vast term, so you should limit it to certain period. In industrial era, kitchen was only for cooking with efficient room arrangement. This is the example of classic style. For ornament, you can see in below list.

  • Old painting and photo
  • Blackboard, including chalk, eraser, and box
  • Ornament with symmetrical shape
  • Wooden pattern on wall

Old painting is not just about production time. You should focus on the design to represent old era. For example, painting uses black and white style. If you find issue in this matter, try old photo because it’s simpler and easier to apply for kitchen wall decor ideas.

Modern And Contemporary DéCor

Modern And Contemporary DéCor
Image Source: architecturaldigest.com

One of top choices in kitchen decoration is modern style. There is interchangeable term between modern and contemporary. Regardless definition, both have close similarities. Contemporary refers to today or current situation.

In this style, you have many options because designers try to bring fresh idea without limitation. Instead of blackboard and chalk, attach small board with white color. You can write directly about menu or remainder.

Another decoration for the wall is board to let owner puts attached note. For such purpose, add specific area and keep refrigerator clean.

Minimalist Kitchen Idea

Minimalist kitchen emerged decade ago as response to the limited housing space. In such minimalist design, everything is dedicated for the function, but it keeps the artistic side as practical as possible.

In minimalist style, kitchen wall does not have much area for fancy decoration. It does not mean you cannot apply small kitchen ideas. Simple thing to do is wall color and backsplash ornament. Both are the areas with capability to modify.

Use wall decor with portable mode. For example, instead of fixed board for writing menu, put portable one that’s easy to attach anywhere.

Nature and Rustic Wall Decor

Nature and rustic wall brings terrific atmosphere to decoration. For nature, you can adapt farmhouse style. Try ornament and patterns that resemble nature, such as stone, animal, forest, etc.

For rustic, just focus to give rough appearance on the wall. It might be direct painting, durable wallpaper, wall tiles, or attached ornaments. Make sure all of them are capable to blend with general kitchen style.

You can integrate rustic and classic concept because both have strong affinity. The wall uses rustic painting, while classic décor boosts the room style. This is interesting thing to apply regarding kitchen wall decor ideas.

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