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How to Write an Academic Preface

A student life couldn’t be separated from any academic texts such as thesis, research paper, or essay.

However, each types of text may involve a preface as it aims to give an introduction to the readers about the main idea on many types of academic text and paper.

But there’s still number of student that still confuse about how to write for an academic preface correctly.

Preface is usually purposed to describe the main idea of academic paper or writings.

It aims to introduce or inform the readers about what actually the writings tell include issues or problems, and how that problems are solved.

Despite the arguments should be put within this part, but it should be gradually mentioned.

The Ideas about How to Write an Academic Preface

Academic preface is commonly consisting of several important purposes.

This part is expected to provide an interest to the readers about the topics, so it will encourage the intention of reading to the readers.

However, as important as this part should be enclosed on your academic text, you can attempt to try these several tips to make your preface become more interesting to be red.

1. Explain the Background


The first step, you have to describe the main idea of the background that will introduce the readers to the topic in order to make a focus of the study.

Hence, it will led the readers understand your thesis.

Moreover, it will also make your text become more interesting, so the readers will keep reading on your text.

Begin with identifying the gap-research or the issues that needed to tell to the readers.

Many students try to write their preface as interesting as it would be red by the readers, but it actually should be deeper and more detail.

Do you have so much interest on writing? Visit (not english blog, but still good reference, use google translate) to get more simple and interesting writing tips and advices.

2. Decide Your Audience


When you write a preface for the first time, make sure you have put the introduction sentence that will lead the reader in.

Make the sentence become fascinating so the reader would read your text more detail and deeper.

Moreover, while you’re writing the preface for your academic papers, make sure you’ve properly understood of the problem or subject you’re going to write.

3. Tell the Focus of Your Paper


The focus of your academic paper preface (kata pengantar) should include two important things i.e. the information about the issues or problem, and the rationalization of your research.

Try to explain the reason about your intention of doing a research for your academic paper, and how the problem will be rationalized by the theories you’ve applied to analyze on your academic research paper.

4. Put the Acknowledgements

Writing an academic paper may involve many persons that helping you finished it.

So, you can honor the people who helped you editing or writing your paper.

Furthermore, writing a research paper or books may need many resources to helping you finished them, so try to mention any technologies, website, books, or articles to help you finished your academic paper.

Writing a preface particularly on academic paper or project should be made correctly.

So, start with reading some advices about how to write preface for an academic preface we’ve told and begin to make it becomes more credible to read by the readers.

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