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How To Start Knitting

Because there are still many people who debate about the meaning of crochet itself. This article will a little discuss the differences between crochet and knitting tas rajut as well as how to start knitting as well as some of the materials and techniques of beginning to knit. Here a more complete explanation of his :

Definition of crochet:

Crochet technique is a technique of processing yarn to form a pattern that added aid single rod hook or a needle or socket, as well as the overall results of the linkage, would form an object or a new material.
The difference between crochet and knitting:
While on the knitting machine using a double needle called needle knit/knitting needle or breien.
Equipment for knitting:


Hakpen have a size assortment. Its use tas rajut is adjusted to the size of the thread. Because if ha’penny too small, the results of her knitting will be too tight and rigid. So also on the contrary, if ha’penny too large, then on the results of her knitting will look great as well as perforated.

How to hold the needle part was there are 2:

  1. You hold the knife
    This way it is easier to apply, especially for beginners.
    2. Like when holding a pencil/pen


Type-the type of knitting yarn as well as the approximate prices:

  1. Thread Kinlon or minion
    Knitting yarn is suitable for making scarves because it’s fluffy and warm when on the body. Ideal weight or an average of 45 gr, the price ranges from Rp. 12.500
  2. Wool Yarn Walnut
    The average weight of 30 grams, the price of about Rp. 5.500
  3. Cotton Yarn
    Is the yarn that is produced from natural fiber (cotton). The thread this one is very suitable for the beginners who are just learning to knit because his nature is cold, light and have color variations. Can be used to create a wide variety of trinkets patchwork, wallets, such as bags, tablecloths, and others. Cotton yarn there are also which have only one color and there are gradations (blowholes). The price is around Rp 8,500,- to Rp 15.000 Weighing an average of 45 gr.
  4. Nylon yarn/nylon
    Is a thread which is generally strong, stiff and too shiny. Nylon thread size small suitable for kinds of accessories or knick-knacks. Price of about Rp.7,000,- until Rp 11.000,- Generally without rolling. While on the large size (D30) is suitable when used for the manufacture of wallets, bags, and shoes. Price of about Rp 38.000,- to Rp 40.000,- with a weight of -/+ 300 gr.
  5. Yarn Panda
    The price ranges from Rp 17.500,- Weight 100 gr. Using Hakken: no. 3/4, knitting: 3 mm.
  6. Polyester yarn
    Made from materials that are 100% derived from the polyester fiber. Linen tends to be light, strong, shiny and does not fade. This yarn is very suitable to be used as a knitting bag, cloth, wallet, brooch and so on in addition to on the wearable product. Hakken: no. 4/5, weight 100 grams, the price around Rp 12.000,- .
  7. Thread Woll synthetic/Acrylic
    Can be used for knitting scarf, amigurumi and stuffed also. Hakken: no.3/4, knitting: 2.5 mm. Weighing 40 grams, the price of around Rp 8,500,-.
  8. Acrylic yarn linen
    Generally used for the purposes of the weave. A price of around Rp 15.000,-.
  9. The thread Ryon splash Blast
    Very suitable for scarves, dress adults and a baby. Because linen is soft and does not break. Price of about Rp 17.000,- weighing 50 gr. Hakken: no.2/3, knitting: 2.5 mm.
  10. Cotton yarn orchid
    This yarn has a texture that broke but gentle. Can be used for knitting scarf or clothes. Hakken: no.4, knitting: 3 mm. The price is around Rp 12.000,- Weighs 100 gr.
  11. Bulky yarn
    Derived from acrylic material, such as cotton, soft texture and also a bit fluffy. It is suitable to make a hat, scarf, scarf, and bag. Hakken: no.8/9/10, knitting: 6 mm, weighs 60-70 grams, the price around Rp 11.000,-.
  12. Rayon thread
    This thread has the impression of falling and also modem type used. Finely-textured and also soft. So it is very fitting used to knit more wearable, such as a vest, scarf, shirt, sweater, scarf, pashmina as well as baby equipment. It weighs 100 gr. Hakken: no.2/3, knitting: 2.5 mm, the price of about Rp 17.000,-.
  13. Thread smock
    Threads tend to be shiny, can be used as the fringe of the headscarf and also accessories. It weighs 20 grams, the price around Rp 5.000,-.
  14. Thread mesh
    Can be used to make kinds of cloths. Hakken: no.0/1 or½, the price around Rp 5.000,-.
  15. Thread Athens
    Linen is not easy to fade, soft and also warm. Material: 30% wool and 70% acrylic. Can to make a hat and also a scarf. Hakken: no.4, knitting: 3 mm. Weighing 100 grams, the price around Rp 25.000,-.

How to wind the thread:

There are two ways to wind the thread.

  1. Wrap the thread to the left little finger, then pull the thread to the back of the rear middle finger and the forefinger.
  2. Wrap the yarn in the little finger, then pull the thread to the back of the forefinger.
    Other purposes, namely Meter and Scissors.
  3. Bookmark knitted, its function is to give a sign when You start knitting in order to facilitate You in calculating the results of the puncture knitted.
  4. Sewing needles/wax, actually this is just used as a tool of on the final result with the method of inserting the thread into the needle and then sticking to the knitted surrounding. Use a sewing needle which perforated large. But generally, people wear a candle to burn the ends of the thread. So the result is neat and strong, attach the thread parts of which are still melted into the threads that are next to him.
  5. Glue gun
    Used for the gluing of kinds of accessories in knitted.

How to make a chain stitch/chain :

  1. Make a loop using the yarn, then insert the needle into the loop.
  2. Pull the thread passing through the loop that is available around 3-4. Grab the yarn again, and pull through the loop, and so on.

How to indent skewers single:

  1. Make a chain stitch as a base
  2. Insert the needle into the second hole which is counted backward from the needle
  3. Associate a needle on the thread
  4. Pull the thread up through the hole in step
  5. Attach the needle to the thread
  6. Pull the thread up through the 2 holes from the needle
  7. Do steps bf according to the instructions of the pattern

How to make a half-stab double:

  1. Associate a thread on the needle, and began to puncture on ch 3
  2. Pull the needle until there is 3 lp
  3. Glue the thread in the needle, then pull it straight out pass 3 lp
  4. Start to the next stitch and continue like that

How to make a puncture double:

  1. Make a chain stitch for the base
  2. Associate the thread in the needle
  3. Insert the needle in the chain of the third and counted backward from the needle
  4. Glue the thread in the needle
  5. Pull the thread through the hole of the chain (step c)
  6. Associate the thread in the needle
  7. Pull the thread through the 2 holes
  8. Stay 2 holes left
  9. Pull the thread through the 2 holes earlier
  10. Do steps a-g in accordance with the instructions of the pattern

When they have finished doing crochet, You need to tie the thread as well as make sure the bond is already strong and not easily open. Namely tas rajut how to cut the thread to a few centimeters and then associate the rest of the thread and pull the remaining thread through the hole with the help of a needle use a sewing needle.

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