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Fritz Pfleumer and the Magnetic Tape for Recording

Fritz Pfleumer is an important figure in the process of sound recording technology. He is the one who invented and developed the magnetic tape as the media to record the sound.

In modern era, sound recording can be conducted digitally. However, it is all started by using the magnetic tape. That is why it is important to know the person and the early development of recording.

His Early Life

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Fritz was a German-Austrian engineer. He was born at 20 March 1881. His birth place is in Salzburg, Austria.

His father was Robert and he was born in Greiz. Then, his mother, Mina, was born in Freiberg in 1846. Fritz had a nice family and he had common childhood as other kids at that time.

Fritz also had five siblings. Later, Hans, his second sibling, moved to US. Fritz stayed in German and he developed the magnetic tape also in German.

Idea of Sounds Recording

In term of sound recording, Fritz Pfleumer was not the one who initiated. Actually, ideas of recording sound and using the magnetic concept was created by Oberlin Smith. He was American engineer ad he developed the idea in 1877.

The idea was developed. There was Valdemar Poulsen. He demonstrated what Oberlin already initiated in 1898.

Before Fritz created and developed the concept of magnetic tape, there was no one who truly created the medium. That was why Fritz was recognized as the innovator in the magnetic tape recording.

Fritz and His Experiment

As an engineer, Fritz Pfleumer had interest in sound recording. There were already some people who created the ideas, but there were still no clear media to conduct and store the sound recording.

Then, Fritz started his experiments. He looked for various media and materials that can be used as the magnetic tape. Then, he found the cigarette paper.

The paper became the first material that could work well with the magnetic coating. Fritz coated the paper with magnetic stripe and these were used in wire recording.

Fritz and His Patent

Cigarette paper became the first material. However, he kept developing until he found better paper. He used thinner paper. He used oxide powder as the coating. Then, the powder was glued by using lacquer.

He developed the newly magnetic tape in 1927. Then, he patented it and officially received the patent in 1928.

Then, Fritz gave the right to use and develop the magnetic tape. AEG was chosen to build the first tape recorder. In December 1932, AEG started to create the first tape recorder namely Magnetophon K1.

Further Development in Sound Recording

The first magnetophon K1 was made. Then, it was demonstrated for the first time in 1935. It was demonstrated in IFA.

Later on, Fritz’s invention had made the distribution and access of information can be spread easily. The tape was developed further, so the recording process could run better.

Although now digital recording already replaced the magnetic tape, Fritz’s legacy could not be neglected. He is still considered as the inventor and contribution of Fritz Pfleumer will be remembered in human history.

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