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5 Unique Traits of Female Omega (That Make Them Attractive)

Woman is a very complex creature. They are said to have tendency to love and nurture. However, they can be fierce at the same time when in face of crisis. You are going to learn the characteristics of female omega through this article.

You may have heard alpha, beta, and omega personality categories. Each personality has its own unique traits. Omega carries trademark characteristics that make them interesting to others.

High Empathy To Others’ Feelings

High Empathy To Others’ Feelings
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It is often stated that female of this personality type tends to have big empathy toward other people’s feelings. They can easily understand and even feel what others are going through just simply by observing.

Omegas tend to have introvert trait. It helps them mingling with the crowd better than other personality types. People have easier time talking to omegas than to those with stronger personality, like alphas.

Comfortable with Herself

Many people think because women with this personality group usually have submissive nature, they have bad self-image. On the contrary, they are the type of people who feel comfortable with themselves. They are satisfied with the state of their lives.

Omegas do not care whether they look weird to others. They do not mind other people’s opinions as long as they are happy. Knowing woman with this type of personality is certainly going to be pleasant and inspirational experience since there are not many people with similar view nowadays.

Female Omega is not a Conformist

As stated previously, female omega does not care about what other people think about. They dress up and act the way they want even if it does not fit social standard. As a result, they are often thought to be weird kid of the bunch and have trouble fitting in. Here are some proves of this point.

  • They do not follow latest fashion trend.
  • They do not join gang, clique, or other types of social groups.
  • They prefer activities that are not enjoyed by many.

Hidden Talent And Intelligence

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Normally, omegas hide certain talents and admirable level of intelligence. Their tendency to hide it is because they do not have needs to impress everyone else by flaunting the talents and intelligence. They favor to live normally without experiencing unnecessary nuisance.

Omega is the least motivated type of personality. Since they do not have will to impress others, they are aloof to
other people’s standard. They find showing off their talents as unimportant and will stay away from such events.
Awkward in Endearing Way

Omegas find it quiet difficult to interact with other people. They often look awkward while in social situation. It seems like they do not know what to do when facing people. Although they are aloof, they will display weird behavior in various social situations.

To certain degree, this awkwardness can look endearing to other people. Others tend to think female omega who displays such behaviors as endearing. Awkward woman can be perceived as cute. However, there are also people who cannot stand them. It all depends on your preference.

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