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3 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook and Twitter Shares

Google “how to get more social media shares,” and you’ll see many articles with an unlimited list of tips. I wish to focus on 3 – visuals, hashtags, and message length. I’ll describe what they are and how utilizing them can get you more social media shares. They’re very easy and you can use them instantly.
Here they are:

Catch Attention with Visuals

Using images captures attention in two ways. First, photos use up more screen area. Scroll through your feed. See how you’re instantly drawn to posts with images and ignore those without them. People are most likely to see your post for the easy fact that it uses up more screen area. Second, eye-catching pictures have stopping power. An interesting picture will oblige your fans to stop scrolling and read your message. Examples of images that achieve this consist of:

– Action shots draw your audience in by catching a moment in time.

– Infographics can streamline complex subjects or turn a dull subject into an engaging experience.

Use hashtags

The “#” sign – called a hashtag – is used to mark keywords or subjects in social networks posts and lets users classify and track messages. It started on Twitter however has expanded into other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Hashtags are hyperlinked. When you click one, you see all current posts including that particular hashtag consisting of posts from people you’re not following. Which’s the point. Hashtags are one method you can spread messages to new audiences. Users who aren’t following you might see your post, discover it intriguing, and decide to share it with others. Limitation yourself to 1-2 hashtags per post.

Keep It Short

We all know that you’re just permitted 140 characters on Twitter. You want to keep your tweets short so that people can easily Retweet (share) them without modifying. If your tweet is too wish for a fan to use the one-click Retweet function, they have to decrease characters themselves. This can cause two unfavorable scenarios. Initially, your message may get unintentionally misunderstood and fall flat upon delivery. The second or even worse thing that could occur is that your followers feel it would be TOO MUCH WORK to shorten your tweet and ultimately choose NOT to share it. Strive less than 100 characters that way the Retweet can accommodate your username (” RT @username:”) and your links will not be truncated. Here’s how you can conserve characters:

– Usage shorthand writing (for instance, “8” instead of “eight,” and “thru” instead of “through”).

– Work your hashtags into the message instead of listing them at the end (for instance, “Did you view the #Emmys last night?”).

– Use a URL Shortener to shrink your links (A lot of 3rd-party management platforms like Hootsuite have this as an integrated feature. However, you can likewise use

Facebook has a very high character limitation – 63,206 since 2011. That said professionals such as Mari Smith and Quick Business Magazine found that posts between 100 and 150 characters are more likely to be liked, discussed, and shared.


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